Blue Jacar Promise Sandalwood Candle

Principle: Clear Quartz

The healing energy of this crystal focuses itself on negativity and stimulates positive thoughts, letting you feel an emotional balance. This crystal also improves your perception of the world, heightening your thinking and awareness.

Top Note: Sandalwood

Middle Note: French Bourbon Vanilla

Base Note: Oud Wood



Volume: 285g

Burning Hour: 45 hours (burning 1 cotton wick)  | 30 hours (burning 2 cotton wicks)

Candle jar: 5*9cm | Wooden box: 12*12*8cm

About The Crystal

Principle: Clear Quartz

Affirmation: I am a being of pure light and my love radiates out the universe.

About Clear Quartz:

In all cultures throughout history, clear quartz crystals have been stated to be a highly powerful healing and magical crystals that can drive away demons and strengthen the wearer. It has also been considered as a “Master Healer”.


User Guide

1. When first burning the Blue Jacar Home candle, burn it until the wax pool reaches the edge of the candle. If the candle burns for less than an hour, the wax may not melt to the candle edges, which may drown the candle wick.

2. We use 100% natural dried flowers and herbs to give the candle fragrance. Make sure to fix the dried flowers and herbs every time you start or finish burning in order to prevent damage on the dried flowers and possibilities of black smoke.

3. Always trim the wick after lighting the candle. Stop burning if the wax is 15mm or less in the candle.


Blue Jacar Home Collection candles are made by 100% natural fibre cotton wick & high-quality soybean wax, with natural essential oils extracted from fruits, plants, and flowers.

Candle Safety

– Ensure the wick is at least 7mm before burning the candle.

– When burning for the first time, please burn the candle for an hour.

– Do not burn the candle for less than 1 hour or more than 4 hours.

– Keep this candle away from children and pets.