eZn Creamy Hair Bleach

  •  An easy DIY dye
  • Lightening existing colour of hair
  • Promoting a vibrant hair colour
  • Enriching hair with Marula Seed Oil
  • Preventing hair damage
  • Minimising scalp irritation



Easy to use cream type hair bleach, lightens the existing hair color to promote more vibrant new hair dye color. eZn Creamy Hair Bleach is enriched with Marula Seed Oil to prevent hair damage and minimize scalp irritation.

How to Use

1. Always do a skin test 48 hours before bleaching.
2. Apply to dry and unwashed hair.
3. Squeeze #1 cream into the #2 lotion bottle and gently shake to mix thoroughly. 
4. Change to pointed cap and apply the mixture to the hair. Avoid direct contact with the scalp and skin during the application.
5. Leave the bleach cream on your strands for 20 minutes or longer depending on the hair type and pigment. Do not over bleach.
6. Shampoo hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and style as usual.