eZn Dr.BokGoo Rx-Plex Perfect Set

  • Improving softness and health of hair
  • Adding moisture, elasticity and volume to hair
  • Keeps hair shiny even after dyeing and discoloratio



A new concept of mixing ampoule with hair dye and hair bleach! Keeps your hair soft and shiny even after dyeing and discoloration. Helps in the overall health of the hair. Containing cystine, billberry fruit extract, sugar cane extract and rosemary extract to improve elasticity, supply moisture, increase volume in hair and longer lasting shine.

How to Use

Rx-Plex No.1 Instructions:
Step 01: Combine the Rx-Plex no. 1 with the hair dye or bleach to the specific ratio.
Step 02: Apply mixture evenly on your hair.
Step 03: Shampoo after coloring and bleaching

Rx-Plex No.2 Instructions:
Step 01: After coloring and bleaching, rinse it with water, dry the towel, and squeeze the appropriate amount of Alex Flex No.2 to match the length of your hair.
Step 02: After applying Alex Flex No.2 to the hair, wear the attached head cap and let it rest for 10 minutes.
Step 03: After rinsing Rx-plex No. 2, shampoo your hair, follow by conditioner.