eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color Sparkling Wine 4.56

  • An easy DIY dye
  • A ammonia-free formula enriched with natural oils and herbal extracts, with no damage to hair
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant colour
  • Long-lasting shine



eZn Shaking Pudding Hair color is ammonia free, odorless and with UV protection. It is also enriched with natural oils and herbal extracts to provide your hair with extra care for a vibrant, fade-resistant color and long-lasting shine. Different from cream and bubble type hair dye, the jelly style of eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color make self-hair dye easier, and brings the premium salon hair care to every home.

How to Use

  1. Do a skin test 48 hours before coloring.
  2. Apply to dry and unwashed hair.
  3. Pour #1 and #2 lotion into the cup, cover with the cap and gently shake to mix thoroughly.
  4. Apply the jelly-like mixture to the hair. Start applying color at the roots, then away from roots to the tips.
  5. Leave the dye on your strands for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse out with lukewarm water until water runs clear.
  6. Apply aftercare treatment thoroughly on your hair and leave on for 3 mins, then rinse thoroughly.