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Freezeframe Liposlim 100ml

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Liposlim is a breakthrough topical treatment which is clinically proven to reduce cellulite appearance within minutes of application, whilst performing a deeper, progressive smoothing action which reduces cellulite appearance long term, and visibly slims body contours. 


Liposlim’s unique tri-ball massage roller not only makes application a breeze, it simultaneously increases the effectiveness of this powerful formula by providing a deeper penetration of active ingredients, and a cooling massage action which helps to increase microcirculation, assist the break down of stubborn fat cells and aid lymphatic drainage.
On/Off system helps you control how much you use and prevents leakage/wastage.


Use Morning and Evening. Twist the dual-action massage roller to the ON position. Squeeze the tube to release lotion onto the rollers and roll in a firm, circular motion across targeted cellulite affected areas, or areas you would like to spot reduce. Smoothes and slims buttocks, thighs, stomach, knees and upper arms. For best results, apply directly after shower or bath. Switch to OFF position when not in use.