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Spring Leaf Liquid Calcium Plus Vitamin D3 200 Capsules

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Springleaf Liquid Calcium Plus Vitamin D3 is specially formulated to help strengthen bones among growing children, women and elderly adults. It’s a known fact that calcium deficiency can increase the risk of certain bone diseases in later life such as osteoporosis. While women’s requirement for calcium will increase after menopause, it is important to have adequate dietary calcium during the youth years and throughout life to maximize bone health. This is where Springleaf’s Liquid Calcium Plus Vitamin D3 comes in. It has the recommended daily amount of calcium and is added with Vitamin D3 to help in the maximum absorption of calcium.

Moreover, your heart and nerves also need calcium for proper function. Calcium is also important for muscle contraction, enzyme activation, various hormone function, cellular structure and nerve transmission.


Adults, take 1 to 2 capsules per day or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Children age 12 years below, only use if professionally prescribed.