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Top Life Colostrum Powder IgG 3000mg 400g

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- Top Life Colostrum Powder is a tasty and healthy drink suitable for all people, especially growing children and aging elders. It provides high level of IgG, growth factors, protein, and other nutrition that are beneficial for all people. Top Life Colostrum Powder contains natural colostrum powder derived from cows milk within 48 hours after calving. It is enriched with extra milk extract, milk protein, and calcium.
- Colostrum Powder contains many bioactive components not present or in very low amounts in normal cows milk. These include growth factors and antimicrobial factors such as immunoglobulins (IgG), cytokines, enzymes, and other rich components beneficial for all people.


- Mix powder in warm water or milk, 1~2 times daily (5g per scoop)
- 1~6 years old: 1~2 scoops per serving
- 6~16 years old: 2~3 scoops per serving
- Adults: 3~5 scoops per serving