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Top Life Spirulina 1200mg Max Plus Iodine 25Max 365 Tablets

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Top Life Spirulina 1200mg Max Plus Iodine is a complete natural super-food widely used to boost energy and support vitality for adult of all ages and lifestyles, especially for vegetarians.

  • Naturally contain more than 100 nutrients help to increase energy level.
  • High content of 60% protein beneficial to vegetarians.
  • Boosted with natural Iodine 25mcg for >30% Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) .
  • Provides nutrients and prevents craving during weight loss program to help achieve weight loss goal.

Adults: Startup/Maintenance - take 2 tablets once per day to build up and sustain energy and nutrition.
Best Result - Take 3 tablets once per day, or more as advised.
This product is suitable for vegetarians.