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BioGenesis Organic Super Greens Powder 150 grams

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Organic Super Greens Powder

Experience the revitalizing power of BioGenesis Organic Super Greens Powder, a nourishing blend of Organic Chlorella, Wheat Grass, and Barley Grass that provides an abundance of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes and antioxidants to support your overall health and well-being.

This powerful green superfood is a rich source of Vitamin B12, contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of fatigue and tiredness. The presence of essential minerals like Iron, which supports normal cognitive function, and Magnesium, necessary for normal nerve and muscle function, makes our Super Greens Powder a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Our Wheat Grass and Barley Grass are sustainably grown outdoors in mineral-rich organic soil certified by Australia's National Association for Sustainable Agriculture (NASA). The fresh green shoots are harvested 7-10 days after sprouting at their nutritional peak, prior to maturing into barley grain. Our Chlorella is organically cultivated in the pristine Great Barrier Reef region of North Queensland, thriving in freshwater spring water ponds under optimal sunlight conditions.

We utilize low-temperature drying technology to preserve the potency and freshness of our freshly harvested grasses, ensuring maximum bioavailability. The ultra-fine powder dissolves easily into water or any smoothie, making it a convenient way to boost your daily nutrient intake.

BioGenesis Organic Super Greens Powder is free of pollution, chemicals, pesticides, and gluten, containing no bulking or filling agents. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and support your body's natural balance with our premium, all-natural superfood blend.

Ingredients: Australian Organic Chlorella, Australian Organic Barley Grass, Australian Organic Wheat Grass.