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Ecoland Kangaroo Essense 50000mg 90 Caps

by Ecoland
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ECOLAND Kangaroo Essence is made from Australian Red Kangaroo. This large, powerful animal is the most magnificent of all the Kangaroos. It can leap up to 3.6m into the air and has a top speed of 65 km/hour. It alone illustrates the Kangaroos amazing strength and vitality.

The research has found that male Kangaroo produces twice as much semen as a bull. The research has also proven that Essence of Kangaroo is extremely potent as it is rich in natural hormones, proteins, zinc and iron, which are able to increase physical strength and enhance the sexual energy.

The benefit of Essence of Kangaroo:
Increase your physical strength
Enhance your sexual energy
Regenerate vital functions
Improve weakness in limbs Cures Fatigue
Suggested Serving:

Adults only. Take 1-2 capsules with meals per day or as directed by nutritionist.