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ALMAdeLIA Hemp Seed Oil Calming Foam Cleanser 120ml

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Description:Cleansers are the unspoken hero of skincare. Foaming cleansers ensure deep hydration and the gentle penetration of pores, leaving skin clean and soft.The Hemp Seed Oil Calming Foam Cleanser removes excess oil and stragglers without irritation or stripping skin — and allows for active ingredients in additional products to fully work their magic.After a long day outdoors, our skin has been exposed to external stressors like pollution and UV, resulting in skin that may look and feel oily, dirty, and dull…leading to inflammation, irritation, or acne. It’s critical to take time to cleanse thoroughly to avoid build-up.Hemp Seed Oil, always the building block for ALMAdeLIA, offers anti-acne and inflammatory properties. Supporting ingredients, like hydrating Green Tea Extract and skin acid mantle strengthening Cucumber Extract ensures that this cleanser does more than just rid skin of impurities — it cleanses, comforts, and balances.