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Medinc P2 Disposable Face Mask 20pcs

by Medinc
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  • Three-panel design
  • Twin elastic headbands for a secure fit
  • Adjustable nose bridge allows the snug fit to a range of face
  • shapes and sizes
  • Cushioning foam on nose bridge for better fitment and comfort
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Odorless
  • Easy breathing/speaking
  • Individually packed
  • Latex-free


1. With reverse side up and separate top and bottom panels to form a cup shape.
2. Ensure both panels are fully unfolded.
3. Cup the bottom panel under your chin and take both straps over your head.
4. Locate the lower strap around the neck. Locate the upper strap above the ears.
Pull and adjust the top and bottom panels for a comfortable fit and ensure panels
are not folded in.
5. Using both hands, press nose clip around nose to the shape of the lower part of
the nose for an excellent facial seal.